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Gary B: Beautiful; lyrical writing; stunning; about becoming enlightened and how to achieve a meaningful death - Read-alike: “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse facebook.com/mplohio instagram: @MarionPublicLib twitter: @MarionPublicLib youtube: @MarionPublicLibraryOhio linkedin: @MarionPublicLibraryOhio Marion Public Library 445 East Church Street Marion, Ohio 43302 740-387-0992 MarionLibrary.org Board of Directors Phyllis Butterworth, President Patrick Carey Jennifer Donelson Blake Gates Malcolm Goodman Dana Booker Leslie Schneider Gary Branson Executive Director #staffpicks Nicole: Themes of belonging, identity, and family; intensifying and twisty; explosive ending; lots of family drama; set in New York City - Read-alike: “The Golden Couple” by Greer Hendricks Patrick: Genre blend of horror, historical fiction, and romance; forbidden love theme; young loves are separated for nine years and reunited against the backdrop of the U.S. Mexico war in the 1840s; some suspense Madison: The story of one woman’s life from birth to death; told in vignettes; character-driven; sweeping; strong female lead character; bittersweet; themes of life. Miranda: A cryptozoologist investigates deaths possibly caused by a bigfoot; an intensifying mystery; plot- driven; theme of faith vs. skepticism; dark tone - Read-alike: “Devolution” by Max Brooks https://youtu.be/5RJuGxaDI0Q Watch more extensive reviews on our YouTube channel. Check out a full list of books at MarionLibrary.org. Please remember you can always place a hold if the book has not arrived yet or is currently checked out. new for young readers MPL offers access to the Chilton repair manuals in both physical and digital forms. If you are looking for instructions on how to repair an older vehicle, stop by the library to see if the repair manual is available. You can access the digital version, Chilton Library, through the library’s website using your library card. The Chilton Library provides repair, maintenance and service information on the most popular vehicles on the road today. Step-by-step repair procedures, troubleshooting guides, diagnostic trouble codes, photos, illustrations, diagrams, and multimedia (videos and animations) simplify even the most complicated tasks. Use Chilton Library for: • One-stop, step-by-step instructions source for automobile repair answers. • Videos, animations and close-up photos that show how to complete repairs. • Wiring diagrams to help explain system operation. • Troubleshooting and diagnostic information that help pinpoint searches. • Maintenance and specification tables that highlight key information. To access Chilton Library and other databases, visit MarionLibrary.org/dbases PREPARE FOR THE ROAD AHEAD With Chilton Repair Manuals