Investing/Planning For Those With Special Needs

Investing/Planning For Those With Special Needs
January 23 @ 7-8 PM
Large Meeting Room

Planning for a family member with special needs:

  • Who’ll take care of and watch over our loved one after
    we’re no longer able to do so?
  • Will there be adequate financial resources to maintain
    a decent quality of life for our loved one?
  • What will happen when schooling ends or when our
    loved one turns 18?

When it comes to our financial futures, we all have important questions. How much money will I need? When can I retire? Am I prepared for future expenses like health care? What do I want to accomplish with my assets?

Careful planning and sound investing can help you answer these questions and more. Join Lisa Bush and Lars Olsen as they present an interesting program to cover these questions.


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