Tax Resources for 2017

Tax Resources for 2017

The library will not be receiving any tax forms for federal or state taxes for 2017. Refer to this guide to find printable versions of commonly used forms or search the or sites for all other forms and instruction booklets.

If you'd like to order federal forms or publications via US Mail, click here. To order state forms or publications via US Mail, click here.

***Not all forms and instruction booklets have been updated for 2017 yet. Double check that the form or instruction booklet that you are downloading is the correct year.

If you are looking for tax preparation assistance, there are two options locally:
The first is Ohio Heartland Community Action located at 1183 Bellefontaine Ave. OHCA hosts tax assistance every Tuesday from 11-7 PM. Call 740-383-2154 to schedule an appointment. Visit their website for more information.
The second is the Marion Senior Center located at 2375 Harding Highway East. The Senior Center hosts tax assistance on Fridays, by appointment only, running through April 13th. Call 740-387-6100 to schedule an appointment. (No city returns, closed Good Friday)


1040 Form
1040 Instructions
1040 Tax Tables
1040 Schedule A Form
1040 Schedule A Instructions
1040 Schedule C Form
1040 Schedule C Instructions
1040EZ Form
1040EZ Instructions


IT 1040 Form
SD 100 Form
IT 1040 & SD 100 Instructions


Individual Income Tax Form
Individual Income Tax Instructions

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