Musical Fun with the Woodland Elves!

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  Age Groups Adults, Children


Musical Fun with the Woodland Elves!
June 25 @ 6 PM
Large Meeting Room

Passive craft starts at 6pm, with the actual music program starting at 7pm.
Bring the whole crew for a musical Family Fun Night with Shary Williamson and the Woodland Elves! What could be better than sharing songs with friends and family, you may wonder? Sharing songs with friends, family, and elves, of course! Shary Williamson, author of the Woodland Elves children's book series, will present a magical and musical night full of songs and laughter. Music and reading go hand-in-hand when it comes to enhancing the quality of life.

As the Big Elf herself likes to say, " pass the joy of life around!"

Coordinator: Whittney